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(Slovensko) Opportunity is just round the corner

Slovene high tech solutions can compete with foreign teams when applying for EU projects

SPIRIT Slovenia – Public Agency for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism is organizing the “Knowledge Driven Approach Towards Excellency” get-together, which is to take place today, 11th June at MONS, Ljubljana.

Its aim is also to present the results of the Development, Technology Investment and Research projects from the EU Cohesion Fund for 2007-2013. Among others, Gregor Pipan will talk about what has been achieved during XLAB’s R&D project Processing, Data Labeling and Display of Environmental Data, how the features developed within the project were also implemented in the NASA-awarded 3D GIS platform – GAEA+. Moreover, the project was breaking ground for another solution – 3D reconstructions of the terrain, based on photographs made with low-cost autonomous drones.

Where & When? MONS, 11th June

More about the event and speakers in Slovene: