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First year’s deliverables and technology add-ons in DICE

One of the major obstacles for beginners in the world of data-intensive applications and their support services is preparation of the environment to support the runtime of the application. Modern data storage and processing services require a number of time-consuming steps to install, configure and connect into an inter-dependent mesh of a functional application. With every application, the topology of services and components is different to address the specific data flows and workflows particular to each application.

DICE tool chain helps speeding up the process of developing data-intensive applications by bringing together various building blocks (OASIS TOSCA, Cloudify cloud orchestrator etc.).
Co-existence of multiple tools will guide the developer through the quality assessment of early prototypes of the Big Data application. For example, a developer could initially describe the application architecture, expected user behavior and the technologies to be used; based on this specification, he or she could then explore the forecasted response times under increasing volumes or rates of data intakes.


The DICE tools will then provide a mechanism to continuously deploy the application in a test bed according to the described architecture, enabling further exploration of its quality aspects in an actual runtime. The deployment itself will be fully automated thanks to a supplied library of deployment and configuration recipes for many popular Big Data services.

For more information on DICE deployment tools and technology add-ons read the DICE blog: http://www.dice-h2020.eu/blog/

Or, access DICE’s first year deliverables at: http://www.dice-h2020.eu/deliverables/