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Can you imagine a safer Internet?

eCrime SyncUp conference, 1-4th April, NATO school in Oberammergau, Germany
We are excited about the upcoming presentation Analytics Tool for Detection of Botnets within Mobile Networks that will be held by Aleš Černivec and Igor Ševo from XLAB on 2nd April. The system of mobile sensors supporting botnet detection tools was developed by ACDC project partners, as a response to the rise of malicious network activities. The theme of the APWG eCrime SyncUp conference this year is European Cyber Security and eCrime Metrics. The program agenda includes diverse topics such as botnet remediation, malware, big data, cyber conflict, mobile threats, device security, and digital forensics. A special and highly topical presentation will be made on the analysis of cyber‐attacks during the current revolution in Ukraine.

ACDCLogo_v4_Verde_150x79More details about the event: