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Access great tools to complete your product – mo-bizz

The mo-bizz project consortium introduces the mo-bizz Mobile Cloud Ecosystem, the cloud platform that enables deployment of a broad range of mobile services and business applications.

MO-BIZZ connects APP DEVELOPERS, SOFTWARE VENDORS and TECHNOLOGY SERVICE PROVIDERS with mobile business customers and business app developers.


The applications and services offered by MO-BIZZ are available through a Marketplace, where customers can browse for a desired service, search different business models and select an appropriate service. These services offered through the MO-BIZZ platform are delivered by the multi-tenant, cloud scalable SERVICE DELIVERY BROKER which facilitates operation and consumption of APIs. The business management framework ONtologies based Enterprise Application IntegRation allows for the orchestration of processes and services offered through the cloud to the mobile business app developers.

The MO-BIZZ platform follows an open approach reusing existing solutions and extending existing mechanisms and protocols to new market players, making available a real-time, converged, operational service platform for business apps, as a technology agnostic, scale-free and widely accessible platform.

The catalogue below offers a snapshot of the technologies available through the mo-bizz marketplace: mobizz-partner-newsletter-xlab