xHPA, xAnalytics and xSpecificAnalytics


The objective of xHPA project is to build a dynamic framework which would enable small and medium sized enterprises to perform complex computational tasks in the public or private cloud, implementation of which would otherwise only be possible with high performance computers.

As part of the xAnalytics project, three xHPA support modules will be developed. The xStatistics module will provide conventional analytical methods and standard analytics tools. In cases, where predicting and interpreting is difficult and standard analytic methods fail, the xNeuron module will be used, based on neural networks. Graphical analysis and data visualization will also be available through the xVisual module.

Within the xSpecificAnalytics project, module xSmartGrids will allow analysis of electrical networks to improve electric power distribution and module xEconomics will be used for market analysis and sales forecasting.

Operation part financed by the European Union, European Social Fund.