XCloud, XPHOV & XFlier

XCloud, XPHOV & XFlier

Internal research projects

The project’s objective is to obtain new knowledge in the field of cloud computing and 3D reconstruction of objects and implement it into existing solutions. It is comprised of three internal R&D subprojects, which are interconnected and have a strong research background. Each involves 2 foreign experts, 3 internal researchers and a young researcher:

Internal project xFlier:

Its aim is to develop a control algorithm for a semi-guided image capture. It is closely related to the internal xPHOV project, which deals with the reconstruction of 3D objects from digital photos.

Internal project xPHOV:

Its objectives are to improve existing algorithms for 3D model reconstructions, provide quality input images and implement digital watermarking of reconstructed models.

Internal project xCloud:

It focuses on development and implementation of a flexible framework in the field of cloud computing. By building on the gathered in-house technical expertise it implements additional functionalities (Service Level Agreements, energy savings of the entire system, the interoperability of architectures and systems, etc.).