Logistic Infrastructure as a Service – a Modern Information Platform in the Cloud


In the LiaaS research project we want to investigate the theory, technology, standards, architecture and possibilities for the implementation of modern logistics information platform in the cloud with the support of modern information, sensor and communication technologies and standards.

Through the development of selected logistical problems we want to build a prototype of a modern, secure, reliable, flexible and scalable-platform solution in the cloud, which will be the basis for the development of new services in the smart logistics networks using logistic infrastructure as a service - LiaaS.


We will focus on two key target problem sets:

(1) segmentation of users and parts of the transport network according to different criteria for determining the needs of target groups in different contexts;

(2) optimization of networks according to different constraints and prior knowledge about what is happening on the network in a similar context.


We will identify several use cases and for them investigate and implement optimization algorithms to visualize and analyze large amounts of data, which will be included in modules for the LiaaS platform. Identified enriched logistics services will allow use on smart mobile devices and OBU terminals.