Intelligent platform for processing and presentation of multidimensional environmental data


The purpose of ENV5D project is to build a platform that will enable processing, data labelling, and display of environmental data. XLAB and europa3000AG will propose solutions that significantly improve existing systems and upgrade/replace them with innovative platform that employs state-of-the-art technologies in the area of distributed database systems, computer vision and geographical information systems (GIS).

The new platform will form a base for creation of many new services. The platform consists of two layers. The first layer represents a high-performance, distributed server infrastructure that enables reliable storage and efficient processing of data, serving many different users that require different services. The second layer consists of algorithms and procedures for automatic processing and analysis of geographical data thus significantly enriching the information value of this data.


The results of the proposed project are useful in many areas:

- Flooding and water control: Water resources may have a huge impact on individuals as well as the economy as a whole. Organizations that deal with regulations of waters and flood prevention will benefit significantly with this tool that automatically recognizes the danger of a rising water level, and is able to incorporate weather data and hydraulic models.

- Landslides: Early discovery may be possible by comparing 3D terrain images at different times.

- Fires: They are among the most common natural disasters. With statistical analysis it is possible to determine geographical areas with the highest probability of fires. These areas can be graphically displayed on 2D or 3D maps.

- Pollution Control: 3D maps can show polluted areas, illegal garbage dumps, chemical dumps, waste water, gases, etc.