Advanced Procedures for Interactive Composition of Sensor Networks; Building a Dynamic, Global Scale Sensing, Reasoning and Searching Infrastructure (Internet of Things)


The advances in hardware, wireless networking and web technologies from the last decade may enable, if properly used and integrated, the so called Internet of Things where different devices, things and procedures can be interconnected to enable dynamic, global scale sensing, reasoning and searching infrastructure.

This project’s aim is to contribute a few building blocks to this grand vision. The final aim is to design and build an Internet of Things compliant advanced prototype that can be integrated with similar prototypes developed by other research teams worldwide.

This prototype logically consists of three, vertically integrated layers: the sensor nodes or observation unit; the wireless network connecting the nodes or the observation gathering infrastructure; and the data processing, integration and dissemination layer.

The approach also requires consideration of (i) the provision of authorised, secure and traceable access to distributed resource-constrained sensors, appropriately integrated in layers mentioned above; and (ii) the logical grouping of sensors in support of more efficient management of resources.