Transforming Energy Infrastructures towards Smart Energy Systems


FINESCE (Future INtErnet Smart Utility ServiCEs) is the smart energy use case project part of Future Internet Public Private Partnership Programme (FI-PPP), funded by the European Union within FP7.

Its objective is to contribute to the development of an open IT-infrastructure to be used to develop and offer new app-based solutions in all fields of the Future Internet related to the energy sector. The project runs a series of field trials at trial sites in 7 European countries.

XLAB will provide a set of standardized visualisation widgets to get a holistic view on energy consumption and generation, weather, in-house temperature, and other data in real-time or as measured historically. The applications built on top will showcase Smart Grid capabilities of Aachen Smart Factory and Aachen Distributed Power Plant trials (WP3), and Malmo Smart Building trial (WP1).