Secure Provisioning of Cloud Services based on SLA management


Current cloud platforms provide limited support for customers in designing scalable and cost efficient applications. In particular, they do not support analysing how an application will scale with a growing number of users and how this will affect operation costs.

CloudScale will provide an engineering approach for building scalable cloud applications and services. CloudScale will support Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers (a) to design their software for scalability and (b) to swiftly identify and gradually solve scalability problems in existing applications. CloudScale will enable the modelling of design alternatives and the analysis of their effect on scalability and cost. Best practices for scalability will further guide the design process.

Additionally, CloudScale will provide tools and methods that detect scalability problems by analysing code. Based on the detected problems, CloudScale will offer guidance on the resolution of scalability problems. It answers the ICT Work Programme’s call for achieving massive scalability for software-based services.