The NIO portal

Slovenian national interoperability framework


Lack of coherence and interoperability in exchange of information between public administrations
No common semantic interoperability assets; code lists, taxonomies, metadata standards and data models
Lower development and operational costs of information systems and data modeling
Foster alignment with the European interoperability framework


NIO is a portal in the Slovenian national interoperability framework, consisting of different guidelines, standards, information and building blocks. It helps to improve the coordination of business processes and enables better compatibility and connect ability on the national and international levels. Many useful assets are published and explained on NIO. Institutions can use them when designing their business processes and related information systems. Examples of this include building blocks for electronic data enquiries, trade, bio module, asynchronous module and the security platform. If an institution wants to electronically gather data from data sources it can use these building blocks and their functionalities.


Lowers costs for development and for operations and improved coherence of the information solutions
Alignment with the European interoperability framework and coordination with solutions on the international level
Improved interoperability at the technical, semantic, organizational level
Integration with open data portals (OPSI), regular upgrades and new feature updates implemented by XLAB