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IT automation with Ansible

Today’s modern software-defined data centers need to be managed intelligently and efficiently. Automating repetitive tasks with Ansible saves time, reduces errors and enables IT departments to focus on more strategic work. Ansible is Red Hat’s open-source automation tool, used by more than four million systems worldwide for configuration management, application deployment and orchestration. It’s simple, powerful and agentless.

XLAB Steampunk team specializes in IT automation with Ansible, helping organizations on their journey towards optimization with automation and satisfies complex requirements of software vendors when building Ansible integrations. As an endorsed partner of Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open-source solutions, XLAB Steampunk has been extending Red Hat automation and management products since 2016.

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“XLAB Steampunk has been a valuable partner to Red Hat and an active contributor in the Ansible and ManageIQ communities. Its work to develop and support Ansible Certified Content Collections that align with Red Hat's best practices has helped to further extend the automation capabilities of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.”

Thomas Anderson, vice president, Ansible Product Management, Red Hat

Integrating third-party technologies with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and CloudForms provides comprehensive visibility, automation, and control across hybrid infrastructures. Customers can rely on the XLAB Steampunk team to bring new capabilities to market more quickly, leaving them free to focus development efforts on more strategic investments.

Enterprise Ansible Collections

XLAB Steampunk is the go-to partner for building enterprise-ready Ansible Collections! Simply start automating by using AWS or Sensu Ansible Collection. Working closely with Red Hat and its partners, the Steampunk team enhances and extends the capabilities of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, providing stable and maintained solutions with enterprise support.

If AWS or Sensu Collection is not what customers are looking for, Steampunk experts are here to help and design Ansible Collections, fitting their needs. And by choosing XLAB Steampunk and using reliable Enterprise Ansible Collections, customers benefit in several areas:

  • Content development - End user’s use cases are considered first when designing and developing Ansible content.
  • Long-term partnership - Included long-term support and maintenance - the foundation of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification Program.
  • Quality assurance - Adhering to Red Hat best practices and bundled with a self-documented test suite.

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"XLAB Steampunk was pivotal in helping us develop and deliver a certified Ansible Collection, from consultation and design to implementation, maintenance, and ongoing support. Thanks to XLAB, Sensu is now a Certified Ansible Automation Partner. If you’re looking for a professional and knowledgeable team to help you deliver a high-quality Ansible Collection, look no further.”

Caleb Hailey, CEO & co-founder, Sensu

Red Hat Ansible Certification Program

XLAB Steampunk is a proud member of a Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification Program and helps Red Hat partners to become Certified Ansible Partners themselves, guiding them through the process and giving them the opportunity to offer their users trusted, secure and reliable Ansible content, available via Ansible Galaxy and Ansible Automation Hub.

Integrations into CloudForms

A full control over hybrid infrastructure can be reached by integrating third-party technologies into CloudForms. XLAB Steampunk team designs, develops, maintains and supports CloudForms providers. Partners can rely on XLAB Steampunk for enterprise-grade solution that is transparent, extendable and flexible, shaped exactly according to their needs. Examples of CloudForms providers Steampunk team has developed and maintains include Azure Stack, Redfish, Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform and VMware vCloud Director.

XLAB and Red Hat strategic alignment

XLAB Steampunk is Red Hat’s Advanced Business and Technology Partner, and selected as a part of the Red Hat Solutions+ program. The team is an active contributor to the open-source projects Ansible and ManageIQ. As a committed, agile and solution-oriented partner, XLAB Steampunk satisfies complex requirements of distinguished companies such as Sensu, Microsoft, Nuage Networks by Nokia and ATEA. Close relationship with the Red Hat, its partners and the open-source communities gives XLAB Steampunk a strong know-how and makes them a reliable partner.

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