XLAB Medic

Custom 3D Dental and Radiology solutions with state of the art image visualization and analysis

The 3D dental and radiology imaging application supports an industry-standard functionality and more. It is especially distinguished for its on-demand fully customized 3D medical imaging modules, which can be integrated into any software or connected to a medical imaging system (PACS).

3D Radiology Workstation

3D Radiology Workstation for CT, MR and PET includes various segmenting and processing algorithms (vessels, colon, bones,  ...), intuitive user interface, a full 3D interactive environment and multimodal fusion. It is built around our modular framework for building custom applications, so it is very easy to customize it or integrate into other products and environments.

Dental Workstation

MedicView 3D Dental software is fast, easy to use, and an affordable solution for inspection of dental images. Intelligent layouts for implant planning, TMJ, airway and sinus inspection and reporting make your job easier and more efficient. State of the art 3D engine supports virtual endoscopy, 3D cut mode, sculpting and different visualization settings.

Virtual Colonoscopy

MedicView Virtual Colonoscopy is powered by a unique technology to provide a patient and doctor oriented, fast and smart colorectal cancer screening test. MedicView Virtual Colonoscopy offers an exceptional advantage over other VC solutions in the market as it works on regular desktop computers or laptops.

Make Medical Imaging Easy.

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