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Tackle any DATA ENGINEERING challenge

Managing different systems and devices can be an incredibly difficult task. Especially when you need them to interoperate and generate high-quality data fast. When dealing with complex systems and large-scale data, flaws and delays can have a negative impact on the quality of your service.

XLAB Insights has the skills, the know-how, and the solutions to help you tackle any data engineering task, either related to setting up the data pipelines or deploying a data warehouse. Our solutions will help you overcome the 5V challenge (volume, variety, velocity, veracity, and value) of big data and ensure efficient and reliable flow of data and access to information. With this, you can create a strong foundation for a thriving, data-driven business.

Archiving system MARS used by FAIR

Our archiving system MARS is used by FAIR, the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Darmstadt, Germany. Read more about it here.

Turn data into insights with our DATA ANALYTICS

XLAB Insights excels in mining historical data, identifying common patterns, outliers and correlations between specific events, and in identifying and analysing their root causes. We can efficiently utilize this knowledge to forecast future events, helping you create high business value. Drawing from real-world experience, we can codify human instincts into intelligent machines that are able to learn from data, understand the context, and reduce the human effort in solving complex problems or executing demanding tasks.

Maritime data analytics solutions help ports accross Europe in improving vessel ETA and ETD predictions

Our maritime data analytics solutions help ports across Europe in improving vessel ETA and ETD predictions. Read more about it here.

With our data analytics solutions, we turn your data into actionable insights that can help you bypass or eliminate potential business issues. Our machine learning solutions and our tailor-made artificial intelligence will help you turn manual processes into smart, dynamic operations that boost efficiency, reduce operating costs, and introduce sustainable and environment-friendly practices.

Bring intelligence to life with our DATA VISUALISATIONS

Solutions from XLAB Insights provide visual summaries of data that simplify understanding of relationships between events, hidden patterns, and emerging trends. These will help you quickly process large amounts of complex data and facilitate evidence-based and reliable decision-making.

We offer solutions for various types of data visualisation, ranging from dynamic visual representations of hundreds of millions of data points to complex and interactive geospatial visualizations. With these, we can provide increased situational awareness, enable a data-driven and informed decision-making process, and support planning, modelling, and simulations in different contexts and application areas.

2D/3D GIS visualisation solution Gaea+ is used by the Slovenian national emergency responce center for public safety operations

Our 2D/3D GIS visualisation solution Gaea+ is used by the Slovenian national emergency responce center for public safety operations. Read more about it here.

From Public Safety to Maritime Industry: Drive informed strategic decisions in any sector

XLAB Insights provides smart solutions that help clients from different domains and sectors in capturing and utilizing their data, driving informed strategic decisions, and optimizing business operations. We are proficient in several domains, including Industry 4.0, Public Safety and Healthcare, and Maritime Industry, but we are always eager to tackle new challenges.

XLAB Insights is proficient in several domains, including Industry 4.0, Public Safety and Healthcare, and Maritime Industry

XLAB Insights is a group of highly skilled data scientists and software developers with decades of collective know-how and experience, gained through many successfully executed commercial and research projects.

With our solution-oriented approach, we solve a variety of data-related problems. By optimizing and scaling data engineering operations, we address the complex challenge of effective big data acquisition and efficient storage. Based on state-of-the-art data analytics concepts and data visualisation solutions, we can help transform data into valuable insights, informed decisions, competitive advantage, and great business success.

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