XLAB Steampunk

Your Go-To Partner for Integrations into Red Hat Ansible Automation and Red Hat CloudForms

Today’s modern software-defined data centers need to be managed intelligently and efficiently. Integrating third-party technologies with Red Hat Ansible Automation and Red Hat CloudForms provides comprehensive visibility, automation, and control across hybrid infrastructures. Though independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators (SIs), and solution providers recognize the importance of integrating their products or third-party technologies with these tools, not all of them have the expertise, resources, and time required to do the integrations.


XLAB Steampunk works closely with Red Hat and its partners to enhance and extend the capabilities of Red Hat Ansible Automation and Red Hat CloudForms by integrating new Ansible modules and CloudForms providers. Partners can rely on the XLAB Steampunk team to bring new capabilities to market more quickly, leaving them free to focus development efforts on more strategic investments.

XLAB Steampunk works closely with Red Hat engineers and product managers to align the implementation, quality, and support paths of the proposed integrations. Steampunk experts then design and engineer the integrations, producing reliable, high-quality results. They also maintain and provide long-term support for the integrations.


Working with XLAB Steampunk provides a range of benefits, including:

checkProduct technology integration. Count on expert, quality engineering to ensure your products or third-party technologies run with Red Hat Ansible Automation and Red Hat CloudForms.

checkSolution support and maintenance. Rely on XLAB Steampunk to keep the integration work up to date so you can focus your resources on more strategic investments.

checkProject consulting and design. Trust XLAB Steampunk to help determine how to minimize the pressure on your resources and improve time-to-market.


XLAB has worked with Red Hat since 2016. The XLAB Steampunk team actively contributes to ManageIQ, the open source project for Red Hat CloudForms. They collaborate closely with Red Hat and partners to engineer and support high-quality integrations, and secure, flexible, and scalable hybrid infrastructure automation and management solutions. Examples of provider integrations XLAB Steampunk has developed and maintains include Redfish, Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform, VMware vCloud Director, and Amazon Elastic Block Storage and Amazon Simple Storage Service. Close relationship with Red Hat, its partners and the open-source communities gives them a strong know-how and makes them a reliable partner.

For partnering with XLAB Steampunk, write to steampunk@xlab.si.