We have been developing IT solutions for civil protection since 2009, when we started cooperating with the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief. We upgraded our basic 3D-GIS solution with many new features, that help operators in emergency response centers and analytics in the planning department. Solutions like SmartLocator and Emergency rescue app are also used by other rescue teams (e.g. firebrigade, mountain rescue).



SmartLocator is a standalone web based solution for instant smartphone call location acquisition. It can be integrated with other existing GIS solutions and installed on a customer‘s private server. A perfect counter-solution for locating users,who don’t have the Emergency rescue application set up on their smartphone. Already installed in many European emergency response centers.


Emergency rescue app

Emergency rescue application is a solution for smartphones (iOS, Android, Window mobile) that allows users to call the emergency number and immediately share their location with the emergency response center. Users are also able to share data about their special health care needs with the officer in the emergency response center, so the rescue team is ready to act upon arrival to the user’s location.


Public safety

Our state of the art 3D-GIS solution has many features, which help operators in emergency response centers to mobilize the appropriate rescue units within seconds. Features are also used by analytics, who prepare rescue plans to raise the level of security. Rescue teams are able to use our solution on the terrain, while leading the rescue misson with the help of real time data updates.