GIS & Vizualization Solution



An efficient, fully customizable and standards compliant 2D and 3D Geographic Information System providing emergency management system, spatial planning and analysis tools.

The 3D visualization platform Gaea+ is a unique combination of open standards support and optimized rendering engine, making it ideal for any geographic information system based on existing or new spatial data.

Visualize, analyze and present detailed 3D photorealistic environment as it actually appears. Use many of Gaea+ tools to achieve superior resultsĀ in various fields:

Public safety

Gaea+ is used for Public safety operations. It significantly decreases emergency response by retrieving GIS data, presenting the incident location on a 3D map and locating rescue units in charge.

Environment & Planning

It enables you to visualize future spatial plans or extract data about infrastructure of the selected area. Import 2D building plans into a realistic 3D environment and present your plans publicly online.

Tourism and outdoors

Plan your outdoor activities ahead or use the Gaea+Outdoor mobile App as you go.
Find a hiking/cycling route that complies with your physical abilities.

Open standards based data access

Gaea+ is based on open-source NASA World Wind Java and is interoperable with various data sources, other GIS solutions and third party software. Platform-independent, it runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Since 2006 it has been developed and upgraded by a multidisciplinary team of software specialists, geodesists, physicists and other filed experts and has won 1st prize at the NASA World Wind Europa Challenge 2013.

Discover, analyze and visualize
in 3D.

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