DICE BatchPro

About the product

The DICE BatchPro assists architects, developers and operators of applications that rely on Apache Spark for their batch processing to design and deploy in an optimal configuration. It is ideal for organisations who want to take advantage of Big Data processing, but are facing either with a limited amount of computational resources in their private data centre or a limited budget for the public cloud resource usage.

With the BatchPro, you can get from an idea for a batch process to a working Spark cluster running in the data centre of your choice in a matter of minutes. If your organisation practices model-driven development, then using BatchPro will provide you with a benefit of automatically getting the best Spark cluster configuration. And even if you are not using the model-driven approach, the BatchPro has a built-in universal default model that you can start from and let BatchPro evolve into the set-up that best fits your requirements. In either case, BatchPro also takes care of deploying a full Spark cluster according to the best configuration.

Components of the DICE BatchPro

The DICE BatchPro comes with the following components:

checkDICE IDE: A standard Eclipse IDE, extended with DICE plug-ins. A popular and familiar environment for developing Java or Scala code that powers your Spark batch job, which can help with modelling the application using DICE UML.

checkD-SPACE4Cloud: optimization and capacity planning tool. It consumes UML documents describing technology-specific design and deployment design of the application. It produces a deployment diagram describing the configuration of minimum cost with performance guarantees.

checkDICER: the tool for developers and architects that transforms the deployment UML diagram into a deployable TOSCA YAML blueprint.

checkDICE Deployment Service: fully automated deployment of your application.

checkDICE Monitoring Framework: collects, stores, serves and displays runtime metrics of the deployed applications.

Contributors to DICE BatchPro

The DICE BatchPro is brought to you by five leading academic, research and development organisations in Europe:

checkXLAB from Slovenia

checkPolitecnico di Milano from Italy

checkProdevelop from Spain

checkUniversity of Zaragoza from Spain

checkInstitutul E Austria Timisoara from Romania

It is a spin-out product of the Horizon 2020 research project DICE, a 3-years research effort on DevOps for Big Data that delivered the equivalent of over 500 person months in research and development effort on this solution.

Getting DICE BatchPro

The DICE BatchPro is available in the following editions:

checkOpen Source edition of components and documentation

checkBasic edition: higher grade documentation

checkPremium edition: paid consultancy, bug fixes, option to obtain customization of the components. Includes components of basic edition

checkEnterprise edition: includes a proprietary extension of the Spark Optimisation and components of the premium edition