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Skillful transformation of research expertise into a variety of powerful products spurs constant innovation, satisfying complex needs of millions of professionals and leading enterprises across diverse range of sectors.

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ISL Online

Enterprise Remote Desktop

Technologically advanced, easy-to-use and highly secure remote access solution, allowing users to instantly control any computer or mobile device and provide reliable technical support to remote customers.

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XLAB Steampunk

IT automation with Ansible

As IT automation specialists and leading Ansible experts, XLAB Steampunk services help businesses transform processes into automated workflows by deploying Ansible across IT systems. Achieve secure, reliable and transparent automation.

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GIS & Visualization Solution

Customizable 3D visualization solution, vital in public safety operations and spatial planning. With its analysis, exploration, and presentation of photorealistic environment it helps assess risks, accelerate emergency response, prepare for and prevent disasters, and optimize interventions.

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XLAB Medic

Medical Imaging

3D Dental and Radiology imaging solutions, offering state-of the art image visualization and analysis, used by medical specialists worldwide. Its on-demand fully customized 3D medical imaging modules can be integrated into any software or connected to a medical imaging system.

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Remote Pre-transfusion Testing

The collaboration network for transfusion medicine professionals is an online tool for remote interpretation of pre-transfusion tests, enabling experienced physicians to be virtually present at any remote location to offer a second opinion on complicated cases.

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