Privacy policy

1 The summary of our privacy policy

Thank you for checking out our website!
Your privacy and the security of your personal data are our top priorities. Our goal is to maintain your trust, respect your personal data, and put you in full control of it. Therefore, we never ask you for any personal data that we do not need, and we manage and protect personal data that we do have about you with the utmost care.

Actually, we (XLAB d.o.o.) do not automatically or by default collect any of your personal data while you are browsing through any of websites, except what we utterly need (i.e., standard server logs) to deliver continuous and secure service. We really only process what you send us voluntarily either through forms available on our website or via emails. In this case, we handle your personal data with care and only as intended, and we never share it with anyone else. We do not intentionally or knowingly process personal data of any individual under the age of 16.

Below you will find our full Privacy Policy, which we ask you to carefully read before using our website. This Privacy Policy applies to this particular website as well as any other website or application branded as XLAB or owned and operated by us. We also kindly ask you to carefully read our Terms of Use, Security Policy and Cookie Policy. If you have any further questions or you wonder about your personal data in our possession, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

Note that, from time to time, we may change our Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to do so at any point for whichever reason, with or without notice. If and when we do so, we will notify you by posting an announcement on our websites. If we ever make any major changes to our data management and data protection practices, we will let you know with an announcement on our websites. If necessary, we will also ask for your permission.

Our Privacy Policy as well as privacy practices are in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679), the rules on the processing of Slovenian personal data and the provisions of the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia (

These terms are effective as of 14 August 2018.

2 What personal data do we have and where do we get it?

While you are browsing through our websites, we do not collect any personal data about you except what is absolutely needed to ensure that the delivered service is continuous, secure, and of the best quality. To this end, we log your IP address as part of the standard server logs. We may also collect anonymous data (HTTP requests with sent parameters, status, and size of response, browser type, browser language, timestamp) from our visitors.

If you decide to get in touch with us, there may be some personal data collected from you:
1. When you call us: Your phone number may be revealed with your call.
2. When you send us an email: Your email address, your name, your IP address, and other personal contact details may be revealed with your email.
3. When you fill out an online form (available here): Your name and email address will be revealed through the form. Your place of work and your phone number may be revealed through the form.
4. When you initiate a live chat (through this service): Your name will be revealed via the online chat service. Your email address may be revealed via the live chat service.

In all cases above, we may ask you for additional personal data (name, phone number, email address, home address, or similar) with the sole purpose of fulfilling your request. We only collect and process these data with your permission and/or on the basis of a legal obligation to which we are subject.

Our website also uses cookies. However, no personal data are collected or stored with these cookies. For more details, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

We also use Google Analytics on our website to gather some page-view statistics. However, in order to keep your privacy intact, we anonymize your IP address as described in the IP anonymization documentation available here. Please see our Cookie Policy to find more details on how we actually use Google Analytics.

3 What do we do with your personal data and why?

Personal data that we collect through standard server logs (IP addresses), we use for the sole purpose of delivering a continuous and secure service (i.e., detecting and preventing fraud and unauthorized access to our systems).

We process your personal data, for the sole purpose of managing your requests received from you through phone, email, online form, or live chat, for the sole intention of managing your requests. Purposes Specific purposes for which we process your personal data may be different and depend on your requests. For example, processing of your personal data may be needed to provide you information about our website, products, services, and career opportunities, or to set up job interviews or business meetings.

The processing of your personal data in all these cases is in our legitimate business interest as it is necessary to:
1. Provide you a service that you have explicitly requested (for example, provide you information about a job offering or information about one of our products).
2. Execute an agreement with you (for example, set up a job interview).

Note that we do not track you, we do not create any profiles, and we do not do any automated analyses based on your personal data. We do not and will never use your personal data for any commercial or promotional purposes without your prior consent.

We only keep your personal data for as long as required to provide you with the services you request, for the purposes outlined in this policy (for a limited period of time), and for any legal purposes for which we are obliged to keep the information (for no longer than 2 years). After the retention period, your personal data will be deleted or otherwise rendered anonymous in an irreversible way. We have various technical and organisational security measures in place to protect your information. For details, please refer to our Security Policy

4 Who do we share your personal data with?

Any personal data that you share with us will only be processed by our personnel. At no point will we ever share any of your personal data with anyone else, for whichever reason, unless required by law. XLAB has the role of the Data Controller as well as the Data Processor, and there are no other controllers or processors ever involved in the processing of your personal data, unless required by law.

Note that our website offers links to other websites not owned or operated by us. Your use of these third-party services is entirely optional and at your own risk. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices of these third-party services and you are fully responsible for reading and understanding their privacy policies. Note that we never share any personal information with those third-party services.

5 What are your rights?

You may, at any time:
1. Know which of your personal data we have in our possession, how we obtained it, how we protect it, and how we process it.
2. Request a copy of your personal data in our possession.
3. Rectify/complete any incorrect/incomplete parts of your personal data in our possession.
4. Request the erasure of your personal data in our possession.
5. Restrict the processing of your personal data in our possession or object to it.
6. Request the transmission of your personal data to a third party.

For the aforementioned requests, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

If you believe that we have processed your personal data illegally, you can, at any point, file a complaint with one of the supervisory authorities responsible for compliance with the data protection rules. In Slovenia, the complaint can be presented to the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia (