XLAB's contributions to open source projects


Integrating existing open source components with
high specialist knowledge

We believe that open and cross project collaboration allow for innovation and interoperability, impacting our
cloud computing offerings across compute, storage and network resource management stack.

Standardized interfaces
for orchestration

Deployment across
multiple cloud
infrastructure types


Continuous integration
and application

The DevOps approach
adopted to develop
agile solutions

Our Contributions

As of October 2016, XLAB is listed under contributors to ManageIQ, the open source cloud management platform for container, virtual, private and public cloud infrastructures.


The release 0.3.4 of our DICE Deployment Service and version 0.7.0 of the DICE TOSCA technology library introduces a unified approach to deploying blueprints to OpenStack, Amazon EC2 or Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator without needing to change anything in the blueprint.


The unikernel OSv, core component of the MIKELANGELO project, is used to wrap workloads into virtual machines with minimal execution and storage overheads – integration with UniK, Capstan and OpenStack is highlighted.


More projects we care about

Lightweight Execution Environment Toolbox for building application packages and unikernel virtual machines

CloudStore eCommerce web application for benchmarking

Module for setting up social auth for your rest api, integrated within TRILLION

Software orchestration solution, integrated within DICE

Cloud operating system, OpenStack use and integrations within MIKELANGELO

Listed under contributors to ManageIQ, cloud management platform for container, virtual, private and public cloud infrastructures

Lightweight unikernel, integrated within MIKELANGELO

Extensions to the NASA World Wind Java core

Active at the OASIS TOSCA TC, the industry standard for describing and deploying cloud applications

IDS/IPS solution, integrated within M2DC

Tool for packaging and running your application on OSv

Library for sigma protocols and zero knowledge proofs

Open-source is in our veins

Working with different technologies to build agile solutions, teams at XLAB have been contributing to their favorite open source projects since 2009.

Thousands of lines of code have been released within more than 60 research projects, building up momentum with integrations upstream including e.g. Torque and OpenStack.

The new releases continue to improve performance, flexibility, scalability and security of Cloud and HPC platforms, as a response to user demands.

The complete list of components, how these fit together and how well they perform is available at GitHub.

Some of our components, applications and demonstrators can be run and checked immediately, while others may require a little more hands-on approach. You are invited to check it out, kick the tires and provide feedback.

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The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Commission as part of the FP7 and H2020 programs.