Hybrid Storage Interface

Safe storage and distribution of files

Koofr is a hybrid cloud storage interface, built to address and effectively solve the problems of public and private cloud storage, enabling users to access and share files via web and mobile interface.

Sharing files and folders. Directly.

Sharing of larger files, ten gigabytes in size or more, is made easy. Create a download link for your selected file and share folders by sending password protected folder links with other members within a group.

Who for

As the demand for Storage as a Service is growing, customers who will benefit the most are Internet service and cloud infrastructure providers, who want to offer STaaS solutions to their end users. Koofr allows for faster transfer and lower costs without a 3rd party cloud service.

Integrates with existing IT

Koofr can connect to a variety of different file and object storing systems. It can be fully branded and integrated with your storage systems.

Received the award for best Slovene start-up 2013 at the Conference of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.