Photo Organization Application for Android


Automatically organized images

8memo is a mobile application that utilizes smart algorithms and artificial intelligence to automatically organize your photos in an aesthetic and orderly photo gallery.


Create albums on the fly

The photos will be thematically grouped and named – using the location, calendar and time.


Sharing? Nothing to it.

Share photos or whole albums with your chosen circle of friend and family via Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or combine with any other of your photo apps.

The existing solutions didn’t organize photos as we perceived they should be organized. And we were not the only ones unsatisfied with the responsiveness of the given solutions, so we built 8memo. It is a first but important step towards an improved photos/people interaction.

Marko Juvan, CEO and co-founder of 8memo


Currently, the application is in its Beta stage, available for the Android, but native applications for other platforms are under development.