We try to create a stimulating environment in which high-quality and innovative technology products are being developed. From the outsets we have strived to maintain a democratic organizational structure and a culture built on trust, where everyone adds his missing part of the puzzle.

Gregor Pipan, CEO


Gregor Pipan, PhD


Jure Pompe, MSc

Managing Director at XLAB

Daniel Vladusic, PhD

Chief Research Officer

Damjan Pipan

Chief Technology Officer

Marko Pihlar

Chief Operating Officer

Key people

The XLAB's management establishes broad policies and objectives while their performance is reviewed by others. They approve annual budgets, communicate the organization's performance, annual financial statements and the course of events' progress in general to the key stakeholders.

Gregor Pipan, PhD

Co-founder and CEO at XLAB, Head of XLAB's R&D Department

Gregor leads his departments in a way that builds motivation and commitment to cross-departmental goals, appointing the appropriate people, who share the company's vision. He has managed several European and national research projects and has offered support to several startup initiatives. No idle ships can be found in the harbor under his mentorship, yet a passionate certified small boat sailor and RC model aircraft builder.

Jure Pompe, MSc

Co-founder and Managing Director at XLAB, Director at ISL Online Ltd., UK

Jure is focusing on the international business development. He is managing a vast network of partners from all over the world. Within the team he uses the organizational culture concepts based on positive moral values and democratic principles. The result is a relaxed working environment and motivated coworkers. Jure is a sports enthusiast and wild water kayaker.

Damjan Pipan

Co-founder and CTO at XLAB,
Head of the ISL Online Department

Damjan is a pioneer of the remote desktop industry and a software architect of the ISL Online. He is proud to report that ISL Online Network - global network of servers providing the remote desktop, live chat and web conferencing services - has had an uptime averaged 99.96% in the past 5 years and has even been increased to 99.99% in 2012. Damjan enjoys surfing and struggling with strong winds in his free time.

Daniel Vladusic


Daniel oversees national and European projects. Under his organizational support and supervision the team provides state of the art technical expertise and software, while collaborating with some of the greatest academic researchers, industrial experts and government in Slovenia and worldwide. Also a meticulous mentor, social media expert and a proud owner of an assortment of mobile phones.

Marko Pihlar

Co-owner and COO at XLAB,
Chief Strategy Officer at ISL Online

Marko is a catalyst of the inhouse enterpreneurial spirit. While bridging business and development operations, he brings engaging success stories to life. Keeping an eye on the startup lab, but otherwise active in ISL Online department, his objective is to secure growth within the company. When not pursuing his strategic vision he can frequently be found sailing, staying en route even then.

Mario Medved

Co-owner of XLAB,
Head of the Medical Imaging Department

Mario is responsible for his team of software experts, solving complex performance optimizations and implementing constant upgrades to their medical imaging software solutions, in close collaboration with their expert partners.