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Herding clouds. Is that even possible?

Who’s crazy enough to try something like this? Herding clouds… Hmm, is this similar to herding cats? That’s impossible! Have you ever tried to get a group of cats to do something in sync?


Launch of CyberWISER framework

Monitoring your cyber risks in real time – XLAB partners as integrator of security mechanisms CyberWISER has launched CyberWISER Essential and CyberWISER Plus, two advanced services for monitoring vulnerabilities and incidents, complementing its CyberWISER Light tool for risk assessment and vulnerability testing. XLAB partners as integrator of security mechanisms for greater digital security, within the […]


ISL Online extends remote screen sharing to all Android 5.x devices

New ISL Light 3.0 for Android allows more efficient remote support of Android phones and tablets ISL Online, a pioneer enterprise provider of remote desktop software, released an updated ISL Light 3.0 for Android, extending the possibility of remote screen sharing to all Android 5.x devices. The previous version of ISL Light app, available for […]


Making emergency response more effective across Europe

The Finnish Emergency Response Centers have been undergoing reforms in terms of the emergency services structure. The 15 emergency services centers were reduced to a network of 6 centers. A case study document Managing Change: The Example of Finland has now been published, explaining how this change was achieved, addressing all public authorities foreseeing a […]


ISL Light 4 remote support software brings turbo desktop sharing to Linux

9.7.2015. New ISL Light 4 remote support software, developed by ISL Online, expands the super-fast desktop sharing technology to Linux platform. ISL Online Linux users can now enjoy a fully redesigned graphical interface with a modern toolbar for more efficient remote support. New software architecture assures simultaneous development of new features and updates on all […]



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