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XLAB among contributors to ManageIQ

As of October 2016, XLAB is listed under contributors to ManageIQ, the open source cloud management platform for container, virtual, private and public cloud infrastructures. ManageIQ offers self service, compliance enforcement and resource optimization for more than ten platforms including VMware vSphere, OpenStack, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, and OpenShift Origin. It […]


MIKELANGELO at OpenStack Summit 2016

The agile cloud and HPC technologies designed within MIKELANGELO project will be presented at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, October 26. The session HPC, Unikernels and OpenStack will be led by project and technical coordinators, Daniel Vladušič PhD, and Gregor Berginc from XLAB, focusing on their unikernel approach for fast and secure workloads. Unikernels (small, […]


Focus on What Matters –Your Big Data Application, Leave the Configuration and Installation to DICE Tools

October 14th 2016 | DevOps, Infrastructure-as-Code, TOSCA, Cloudify, Apache Storm The first release of DICE tools has a lot of great features, the one we are most excited about, here at XLAB, are the DICE delivery tools, which simplify and speed up the development of big data applications. When developing applications that use big data […]


Fortissimo 2 Call 2

Competitive call for HPC-Cloud-based Application Experiments for the FORTISSIMO 2 project On the 21st of September 2016 the Fortissimo 2 consortium announced the launch of its Second Open Call for proposals. The Fortissimo 2 project (Horizon 2020 contract 680481) is funding a set of experiments (subprojects) to extend and demonstrate the business potential of an […]


What will the future of Cloud look like?

Now open: Consultation on Cloud Computing Research Innovation Challenges for WP 2018-2020 The European Commission (DG CONNECT) is consulting all interested stakeholders on the future research and innovation challenges in the area of Cloud Computing to be addressed in the forthcoming H2020 LEIT ICT Work Programme 2018-2020. If you are an innovator, a researcher or […]



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