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Subsequent to the launch of the 3rd Call of FIPPP

XLAB attended Information and Networking Days in Brussels, 3-4 October 2013 3rd Call for FI-PPP consists of two objectives, “Expansion of use cases” and “Technology Foundation Extension and Usage”. Its aim is to advance Future Internet-enhanced applications and technologies, involving in the process SMEs, web entrepreneurs, startups and software developers as well as technology and […]


… thinking #BIG DATA

1st Oct 2013, Bxls Taking steps towards the forefront of global ‘data revolution’ A focal meeting point for senior policymakers and other leading authorities on Big Data to discuss relevant topics such as data-driven innovation – stimulus to finally turn around the EU economy, funding needed to develop tools to extract big data, how to […]


XLAB in Slovenska vojska journal

Article on XLAB winning the NASA Award and their collaboration with the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief – in the Slovenska vojska journal. Winning at a prestigious competition such as the NASA World Wind Europa Challenge presents evidence of the highest work quality and expertise, even according to world standards. It is a great […]


2 post grad students lost. 2 PhDs gained. In 1 week.

Bojan Blažica in his thesis THE INHERENT CONTEXT AWARENESS OF NATURAL USER INTERFACES: A CASE STUDY ON MULTITOUCH DISPLAY looks at ways of increasing the expressiveness of natural user interfaces through context – awareness, he touches upon biometric user identification and how to take advantage of information implicitly conveyed by the user during interaction with […]


XLAB and partners join forces

1. – 15. August For those, anxious to see the first results derived from the GiraffPlus project – the news is out, the initial version of the system is about to be released and deployed in real homes – test sites (2 in Sweden, 2 in Spain and 2 in Italy). How it’ll respond to […]



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