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The Interconnectivity of Two H2020 Projects

TRILLION’s contribution to MEDI@4SEC’s Community Policing Solution As a positive example of collaboration between related research projects, Anže Žitnik writes about the community policing solutions developed by the TRILLION project in the MEDIA4SEC project’s blog, connecting both XLAB’s H2020 projects dealing with public security. Read more about the cooperation between citizens and law enforcement agencies […]


The DICE project finished

27 March 2018 marked the final review of the DICE H2020 project, a 3-year project that started on 1 February 2015 and ended on 31 January 2018. Positive reviewers’ reports pointed out the importance of this investment. The DICE consortium of 9 partners built a toolset and a methodology, which helps IT departments apply model-driven […]


NGI Workshop in Milan

On sunny Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Milan hosted an NGI gathering named “Let’s Speak… NGI – Next Generation Internet – Business, Career & Funding Opportunities, while developing a human-centric internet”. Aleš Černivec, XLAB’s security officer, participated in the workshop presenting interoperability and open data solutions. Monique Morrow – Women in Technology & NGI ECP   […]


The FORTIKA project meeting in Berlin

FORTIKA meeting in Berlin was held between 18. and 19. September. With all 16 project’s partners we had fruitful discussions on architecture, integration and project’s exploitation. In the next couple of months we plan to technically refine the project’s architecture, which’s main goal is to create a marketplace of services that will be deployed on […]


A new H2020 project: FORTIKA

Cyber Security Accelerator for trusted SMEs IT Ecosystems In June 2017 a new H2020 project FORTIKA (home page: http://fortika-project.eu/fortika/) started with a kick-off in Thessaloniki, Greece. XLAB participates as lead of “Use Cases & Application Scenarios” task within the “Product Requirements and Design” Work Package. FORTIKA aims to minimise the exposure of small and medium […]



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