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FORTIKA 2nd Review Meeting in Brussels, Belgium

After 2 years of development FORTIKA project is under review by the EU commission for the second time. The meeting was held on Friday, 5. July 2019, in Brussels where all the project’s partners were present. In the review meeting we saw demos of the tools already integrated and published in the FORTIKA Marketplace. Aleš […]


FORTIKA Technical Meeting in Murcia, Spain

FORTIKA Technical meeting in Murcia took place last week just before the second technical review meeting in July. At the meeting Jan Antić and Aleš Černivec participated in the context of back-end cloud services providing capabilities for upload, purchase and deploy security services from the FORTIKA Marketplace on dedicated hardware provided by FORTIKA consortium. Moreover, […]


Herding clouds. Is that even possible?

Who’s crazy enough to try something like this? Herding clouds… Hmm, is this similar to herding cats? That’s impossible! Have you ever tried to get a group of cats to do something in sync? Well, our XLAB Steampunks seem to have the courage to handle cats. But are they smart enough to handle clouds? It […]


New EU research project – RADON

Emerging serverless computing technologies, such as function-as-a-service (FaaS) offerings, enable developers to virtualize the internal logic of an application, simplifying management of cloud native applications and allowing cost savings through billing and scaling at the level of individual function calls. Serverless computing is therefore rapidly shifting the attention of software vendors to the problem of […]


Social Media – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Once upon a time, there lived people that wrote about their holidays on postcards, gave each other birthday hugs and kisses in person, and expressed their opinions in full words. Actually, that was not so long ago. That is how the world functioned before 2004. Today, in just one minute, we send each other tens […]



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