Roll up your sleeves and see why so many are inclined to work for XLAB


Would you like to:

Work on international research projects?
Develop new technologies that will be sold worldwide?
Be a software engineer using advanced technologies?
Cooperate with top scientists and engineers from European and other countries?
Work in youthful, highly motivated, smaller project teams?

Do you prefer the above to becoming a sales engineer or developing simple business applications and writing SQL queries? Would you opt for working in a dynamic, flexible environment to being part of a rigid hierarchy in a large software company?


Other opportunities and benefits:

– flexible working hours
– getting work done beyond the physical boundaries of the office
– international travel
– competitive salary 


Learning and development

People in high-tech companies never cease to learn and this will be your obligation as well. If, apart from learning new technologies as you work, you also wish to upgrade your formal education, XLAB also encourages you to work on MSc and PhD degrees and actively participates in coordination between the subject of your thesis and the projects you are working on, in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer and Information Science.