Life @ XLAB


Is much more than interesting work in a multicultural environment, it’s an opportunity to develop and advance both in technical and personal spheres.


Positive attitude in the workplace

Informal gatherings in the coffee/tea area, spontaneous debates in the open-plan working space, brainstorming/brainswarming in the conference room all add up to the problem-solving methodology. Any misunderstandings we might have are being resolved in a peaceful manner. You might catch us in the midst of a missile firing game, barely making it out ….


After-hours gatherings

The possibilities are endless. In the summer sailing is organised, sledding in winter. Evenings on weekdays are reserved for basketball and football or if you prefer, a game of badminton. With Olaii event finder app being close at hand, concerts, exhibitions or marathons – we just don’t miss out. The annual summer picnic, as XLAB gets older/wiser, then there’s the New Year’s party, puppet shows for the kids, …