Interns and students

We always look for talented students, graduates, offering them an opportunity to integrate classroom knowledge with professional experience.

As a student/graduate in our team you’ll be able to learn from project managers and other colleagues. If you are passionate about  your work, challenge your abilities as you go and want a Get IT done sticker, contact us or send a CV to


Young researchers

The purpose of our program for young researchers is to enable them to work on basic research for the needs of the economy during their post-graduate studies to obtain a doctorate in order to gain quality experience, which enable them to confidently face the economic challenges. Indicator of a successful work program would be a successfully completed public defense of the doctoral thesis in front of the commission or achieving the title Doctor of Science, which he/she would prove with a certificate of a higher education institution.




Since 2009 XLAB has been granting nine annual scholarships to students of computer programming, information science and other technical universities.

We are looking for students interested in our field of work who would like to pursue a career in it. Scholarships are granted to students with exceptional grades or extra-curricular activities (competitions, projects, etc).

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, send us an e-mail with a detailed CV, and an essay about why you are interested in the fields listed above and why you would like to compete for a scholarship. Be sure to include any references that could help make you the student we select. We accept applications until all positions are filled.



Exchange programs

The exchange programs are an opportunity to improve your research skills, join established research teams and enhance career prospects. MARIE CURIE ACTIONS – training on European Industrial Doctorates (EID) and Innovative Doctoral Programmes (IDP) To strengthen the links between academia and industry, combining scientific excellence with business innovation, we carry out the following PhD trainings (MCITN Marie Curie Initial Training Network): – European Industrial Doctorates (EID) – Innovative Doctoral programmes (IDP)

Read more on the Initial Training Networks  – Marie Curie Actions: