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Current opportunities

You need and deserve the freedom to do your best work and be your best you. Become a part of a company that gives you just that.

We’re not just family-friendly, we’re life-friendly.

We are currently looking for:

Do you want to be a part of a dynamic research team and work with experts from all around the world? XLAB is globally recognised for its strong interdisciplinary research team, transforming extensive knowledge into powerful solutions and providing never-ending expertise growth.

But most of all, XLAB are people, who believe in the power of open source, open exchange of ideas, and teamwork.

Become a part of internationally renowned research-development department and as a DevOps developer contribute actively to the advancement of cloud management and automation, privacy and security, IoT, HPC and data analytics.


... depends on your experience and desires. You can work in the field of:

bulletIoT cloud solutions and manage cloud infrastructures,
bullethybrid infrastructures (cloud, HPC) and manage infrastructure-as-a-code as well as develop Ansible components.


Experience in DevOps, experience in designing and developing Information Systems; and knowledge of some of the listed technologies:

bulletconfiguration and automation management
bulletusing containers / containerisation
bulletdesign patterns and software architecture concepts
bulletPython or Java programming language
bulletmessage brokers
bulletSQL and NoSQL databases
bulletTCP/IP protocols and networking
bulletnetwork administration (firewalls, proxy, VPN, SSH ...)
bulletGIT repositories

We are using Ansible, Docker, Python, Java, Django, OpenStack in Amazon Web Services, RabbitMQ, Linux, and MySQL, so we'll be glad if you’re familiar with some of them. Since we are working with international project partners, you'll be using English quite regularly at work.


bulletto work with (and create!) cutting-edge technology
bulletto take part in conferences and professional trainings
bulletto work in international teams and with experts from all around the globe
bulleta competitive salary
bulletpersonal budget for levelling-up your skills and keeping up with the latest tech goodies
bulletflexible working hours and a chance to occasionally work from home
bulleta relaxed work atmosphere
bulletto make an impact: your voice is heard and your opinion matters
bulletto thrive in a company with no employees: we’re all coworkers here
bulletfun events (picnics, sailings, parties, water polo, xChallenges ... you name it!)
bulleta nice kitchen, always full of snacks, drinks and joyful colleagues
bulletno dress code: every day is casual Friday
bulletan easily accessible location (Technology Park Ljubljana)
bulletfree nearby parking
bulletbike shed and showers (we’re bike-friendly)

Are you up for a new challenge? Send your CV and cover letter to jobs@xlab.si. Or find a bug or potential improvement in one of our GitHub projects, open a pull request, and get yourself invited to an interview. We look forward to meeting you!

Want to become one of us but don't see yourself in this exact job? We are always eager to meet all the ambitious dreamers who know how to turn wild ideas into advanced solutions that make the world a better place. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Did you ever wonder how you can boost your GitHub activity without sacrificing your free time or becoming broke? Well, we have some excellent news for you. We are strengthening our XLAB Steampunk team that collaborates closely with Red Hat: the largest open source company in the world.

Our mission? Automate and manage EVERYTHING and look cool while doing it. How? By creating high-quality open source tools for unified automation and management of modern data centers.

Now, do you know how to program in Python or Ruby? Are you proficient in spoken and written English? Do you have a GitHub account? If you answered YES three times, you might be the best person for this job.

If you decide to join our team, you will be working on tasks such as:
bullet teaching Ansible about products such as Sensu Go,
bullet writing tools for physical infrastructure management using Redfish,
bullet creating ManageIQ providers for products such as Microsoft Azure Stack and VMware vCloud.

And no, you do not have to know any of the things listed above. It is definitely a plus if you do, but as long as you are willing to learn about new technologies, you will be fine. Or maybe you will become an expert in a field and talk about it on international events.

As a bonus, you will also get to experience:
bullet active collaboration in a team of software engineers, system analysts and solution architects,
bullet working with open source communities on developing open technologies,
bullet freedom to work from home,
bullet geeky, funny, and a little kooky team,
bullet full-time employment.

Send your CV and cover letter to jobs@xlab.si. Or find a bug or potential improvement in one of our GitHub projects, open a pull request, and get yourself invited to the interview.

XLAB is a Slovenian IT solution company focused on management and automation in the cloud, remote desktop, visualization, cyber-security and cryptography, internet of things, artificial intelligence and data analytics, with its own interdisciplinary research team. Since 2001, and in a team of 100+, XLAB has become a synonym for technology innovation and excellence.


bulletDesign, modify, develop and implement software applications and components in the context of research and highly innovative commercial projects
bulletSupport and/or install software applications and components
bulletWork either independently or from written specifications and pre-established guidelines
bulletOccasionally participate in solution design and requirement gathering

Initially, you will be developing software for particle accelerators and modules to support predictive data analytics for European ports.


bulletHave a genuine interest in at least one cutting-edge ICT area
bulletHave a desire to experiment and excel in emerging technologies
bulletMaster the balance between curiosity, novelty and provision of pragmatic and efficient solutions

In addition, commitment to project objectives and meeting client expectations is an essential part of the job.


bulletJava or Python proficiency with a good knowledge of the other
bulletREST proficiency
bulletGood knowledge of virtualization technologies
bulletGood understanding of XML, JSON, XSLT
bulletAbility to work independently and meet customer needs
bulletProficiency in verbal and written English
bulletAvailability for international travel (up to 4 times per year)
bulletDegree in Computer Science, Mathematics or lieu of degree, 5+ years of additional relevant experience
bullet4+ years of working experience


bulletExposure to IoT technologies, platforms and standards
bulletExperience in backend development
bulletREST API and API Management (such as WSO2, Swagger)
bulletBasic knowledge of SQL databases
bulletExperience with NoSQL databases
bulletBasic knowledge of Ansible
bulletExperience with message brokers and protocols (RabbitMQ, Kafka, ApacheMQ or similar)
bulletExperience in designing and implementing cloud-based solutions
bulletBasic knowledge of JavaScript and NodeJS
bulletKnowledge of DevOps-related technologies
bulletContributions to open source projects
bulletExperience with team and project management


bulletFlexible working hours
bulletGetting work done beyond the physical boundaries of the office
bulletInternational travel
bulletCompetitive salary
bulletContinuous learning, progress, professional and personal growth
bulletWorking in a solution-oriented company that believes in redefining the box, power of teamwork, active collaboration, honesty and respect

Join our dynamic international team as a Senior Java Developer and play a crucial part in bringing excellent ideas to life. Let's Get IT done together.

Send us your CV to jobs@xlab.si. We’ll be happy to hear from you.


bullet Data management, cleaning, integration know-how
bullet General machine learning expertise (standard machine learning algorithms) required
bullet Knowledge in deep (reinforcement) learning is an advantage, but not requirement
bullet Excelent knowledge in Spark, Flink


bullet writing scalable, robust, testable, and high performance software
bullet strong knowledge of Go programming language, paradigms, constructs, and idioms


bullet solid background in programming language Javascript, NodeJS
bullet good knowledge of Java EE, JSF, Spring tool
bullet good knowledge of GWT
bullet experience in backend development (REST API)
bullet basic knowledge of the Docker/Swarm
bullet basic knowledge of databases
bullet ability to work independently and meet customer needs
bullet proficiency in verbal and written English
bullet opportunities for international travel (up to 4 times per year)


bullet experience of participating in open source projects (Git, GitHub)
bullet contributions to open source projects
bullet Angular (ADF framework)