Career areas

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Research areas:

operating systems, distributed and parallel programming, dependability and reliability of distributed software, service oriented architectures, GRID, peer-to-peer, cloud, geo-information systems, artificial intelligence (qualitative reasoning, machine learning, evolutionary computing), data visualisation, computer vision, combinatorial optimisation, web programming, user interfaces.

Technologies and tools:

OpenNebula, OpenStack, Apache Tashi, Ganglia, Nagios, Globus Toolkit 4, Redis, Hadoop, Cassandra, Lucene, SOLR, Jenkins, jQuery, MemCached, Ruby, Java, Scala, C/C++, Python, Web Services (Apache Axis 2, Glassfish), Linux kernel, EJB, .NET, relational databases (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (MongoDB), web software (PHP, Django, Drupal, ASP.NET, IIS, Java Server Pages, Apache Tomcat, Bea WebLogic), MPI, Nasa World Wind SDK, Open GL, Open Scene Graph SDK, Android SDK, iOS, MT4j, Kivy, security policies (XACML), the public key infrastructure (PKI), SAML, OAuth, OpenID, …