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The FLITE project’s second meeting will be held in Ljubljana

We are counting the days till the FLITE project meeting, which will be held in Ljubljana 14-15 May. Within the project an Open Seminar – ONLINE ENTREPRENEURIAL COURSE – will be organized to boost the entrepreneurial thinking and to transfer knowledge between Higher Education Graduates and Industry.



Higher Education graduates need more than just their degree to access employment as their future employers across all sectors ask for and need greater capacity for entrepreneurial thinking and experience in cooperation both at a distance and across cultural boundaries.

These are the foundations of the Erasmus FLITE project aiming to create an online entrepreneurship training where the academic world and industry can meet and develop business ideas; originating from both sides.

As of November 2013 XLAB participates in the FLITE project, which is part of the Lifelong Learning program and a successor to the Open & Distance Learning. To start off, XLAB and the FLITE consortium, organize

The Open Seminar on Thursday, May 15th

During the Open Seminar, held at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana, the main methods used to outline the business plan, how to handle the decision making process and other objectives of the project will be presented by some of Europe’s leading experts in ConCurrent design (CCD) and Osterwalder Business model integration.

We start at 16 PM (Room P4). The course is free of charge, however confirm your attendance to: flite@xlab.si

Hope to see you soon!