Open call for HPC-Cloud-based Application Experiments

May 19, 2014
Words by XLAB

The Fortissimo project is funding a set of experiments (sub-projects) to drive the creation and demonstrate the business potential of an HPC-Cloud service ecosystem. Additional application experiments are sought to complement and to extend current project activities. These experiments should be driven by the business needs of manufacturing SMEs.


Expectations for the new experiments

Fortissimo seeks new application experiments which will investigate and demonstrate the provision of simulation services in the Fortissimo HPC Cloud that are driven by the business needs of manufacturing SMEs.

Priority will be given to proposals for experiments which complement the activities already included within Fortissimo. A description of all current Fortissimo experiments can be found here.

Proposed experiments should involve all participants necessary for the experiment, which may include HPC experts, HPC Centres or ISVs either within or external to the current Fortissimo consortium. Experiments will employ the Fortissimo HPC infrastructure using the HPC Centres already involved in the project.


Key Call Details

Submission Deadline: 18th June, 2014, at 17:00 Brussels local time
Expected duration of participation: 1st January 2015 to 30th June 2016

Foreseen budget for Call 2: up to 2M€ funding for new beneficiaries
Maximum funding request per proposal: 250,000 €
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