July 12, 2016
Words by XLAB

Post-conference follow-up

The H2020 MIKELANGELO project was presented at ISC HPC 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany. At the annual conference which breaks record with attendance for another consecutive year, the MIKELANGELO project was presented in the Exhibition Area. The project was presented to all visitors by Daniel Vladušič (coordinator), Gregor Berginc (technical coordinator) - both XLAB - and Hossein Salahi - GWDG.

The presentations focused on the MIKELANGELO approach to virtualised HPC, HPC-cloud with KVM and OSv and integrations with OpenStack.

In particular, the OpenFOAM cloud app, new test cases and multiple propeller simulations with light aircraft manufacturer, Pipistrel, were highlighted. Other interesting solutions to help solve your I/O intensive applications problems were also presented – the MIKELANGELO dynamic management of I/O workloads and virtualization of RDMA/Infiniband NICs, leading to an optimised I/O in virtual environments, all of which are included in the first complete release of MIKELANGELO stack in July/August 2016.

Stay tuned for details and plans on improved hypervisor, middleware, Guest OS and apps for Cloud & HPC at: https://www.mikelangelo-project.eu.


[caption id="attachment_5111" align="aligncenter" width="600"]MIKELANGELO presenting at ISC HPC 2016 together with CACTOS FP7 EU project
MIKELANGELO presenting at ISC HPC 2016 together with CACTOS FP7 EU project[/caption]

MIKELANGELO is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme under the grant agreement No. 645402 and involves a consortium of partners: Huawei, IBM, Intel, High Performance Computing Center, Stuttgart, GWDG, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Cloudius Systems, Pipistrel and XLAB.

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