Going cross-project to enable easy multi-clouds solutions

December 2, 2016
Words by Matej Artač

We are excited to be guest posting on Cloudify blog on How DICE Does Hybrid Cloud Orchestration for Big Data Using Cloudify and TOSCA and copresenting the live webinar DevOps for Data Intensive Applications. In the blog post, Matej Artač, software developer and cloud computing projects manager at XLAB, explains how DICE automates deployments of big data technologies by using Cloudify and OASIS TOSCA.

Cloudify is the open source software orchestration solution, created by GigaSpaces Technologies, able to support any cloud. Cloudify allows portability across hybrid clouds, spanning from cloud migration, cloud bursting to portability between same cloud versions.

Cloudify is powering the DICE project, letting the team focus on building a library for deploying big data clusters with ease. DICE team started using Cloudify in 2015 and have since been providing Cloudify plugins and other open source libraries based on OASIS TOSCA for orchestrating and deploying big data technologies.

The webinar on December 13th with Matej Artač, XLAB, and Cloudify solution architect, will be a demonstration of the DICE DevOps approach, how DICER and DICE deployment tools are used for modelling big data applications and for automated deployment of Spark, Storm, Cassandra or Hadoop, their automated deployment in the cloud, and more.

Webinar: DevOps for Data Intensive Applications
Date: 13th December, 2016
Time: 5PM CET
Register on: Cloudify official site

Going cross-project to enable easy multi-clouds solutions

Tweet: Register for the webinar #DevOps for Data Intensive Applications presented by @Cloudify & @DICE, December 13th, 5pm CET http://getcloudify.org/webinars/devops-data-intensive-applications-webinar.html#register

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