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FORTIKA Technical Meeting in Murcia, Spain

FORTIKA Technical meeting in Murcia took place last week just before the second technical review meeting in July. At the meeting Jan Antić and Aleš Černivec participated in the context of back-end cloud services providing capabilities for upload, purchase and deploy security services from the FORTIKA Marketplace on dedicated hardware provided by FORTIKA consortium.

Moreover, the state of the FORTIKA Marketplace (core cloud services provided by XLAB, HOPU and TEIC) was revised where all the currently available security solutions have been tested on the FORTIKA Gateway Accelerator. Complete flows, from creation, purchase, and deployment of the bundles have been tested. The services fully and successfully tested were: SIEM provided by CERTH, Firewall and Virtual Security Appliance solution provided by FRAUNHOFER, Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Service provided by NEXTEL.

The Consortium reviewed bundles’ deployment process on to and from the Marketplace and defined additional requirements that will need to be satisfied and implemented before the review meeting in Brussels. Moreover, very important decisions related to specification of TOSCA profile for FORTIKA bundles have been made.

More about the TOSCA specification for FORTIKA (cloud) bundles will be provided soon in the forthcoming blog posts.

Testing Marketplace's use cases.
Testing Marketplace’s use cases.


Beautiful Murcia, Spain.
Beautiful Murcia, Spain.



[1] Official FORTIKA project’s home page: https://fortika-project.eu/
[2] OASIS’ TOSCA specifications: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tosca/