Every little piece counts

December 22, 2020
Words by Jasna Simončič

Last year we wished for all of us to enter 2020 with a mission to put values at the heart of it all. And oh boy, did this challenging year make us see the importance of values! If there’s anything we can all agree on it’s probably the fact that 2020 was a big mess of events we never thought we’ll witness.

But if we’re able to take a deep breath and look at things from a distance (another word we’ll be happy to never hear again), we can see we took things for granted. This experience made us realize how big of an event and luxury even having a cup of coffee with someone is. Made us realize we have to see the value of every little thing that makes our lives – and ourselves – extraordinary. And all it took was for the world to stop.

XLAB’s motif for 2021 T-shirts represents all the pieces XLAB is build of: our products, solutions, research activity, achievements, values, and beliefs.

Extraordinary is made of little things

We finally see the things for what they truly are. Little things aren’t little – they are the most important cornerstones of what we are. They are integral parts of a whole, be it a business, person, or the world. We wouldn’t be who we are without each and every one of them.

XLAB is so much more than our products. What makes us us and brings success, are the relationships between us, the relationships with our partners and clients, the values we live by. It’s the positive energy flowing through everything we do. It’s every thought and emotion we put into our products, solutions, our partnerships, our projects. It’s a cup of coffee we share with our coworkers, it’s the laughter filling up our offices, it’s the teamwork that brings us to better results faster. It’s being inspired, dedicated, and genuine. It’s the fun we have in the process and the expertise we craft and deepen each day. It all has to come together.

That’s what guided us in designing motif for XLABs 2021 T-shirts and other goodies:

The motif shows that every element is vital, makes us what we are and fills our world with meaning.

That’s another piece of our unique story: every year we design a special motif for a t-shirt, always carrying a special meaning we take with us through the whole year.

So, to sum up: To build something great, a lot of pieces have to fall together. But every little piece counts. It’s what makes us unique. Happy 2021!

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