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A new H2020 project: FORTIKA

Cyber Security Accelerator for trusted SMEs IT Ecosystems

In June 2017 a new H2020 project FORTIKA (home page: http://fortika-project.eu/fortika/) started with a kick-off in Thessaloniki, Greece. XLAB participates as lead of “Use Cases & Application Scenarios” task within the “Product Requirements and Design” Work Package.

FORTIKA aims to minimise the exposure of small and medium sized businesses to cyber security risks and threats, and help them successfully respond to cyber security incidents, while relieving them from all unnecessary and costly efforts of identifying, acquiring and using the appropriate cyber security solutions. To fulfill its vision the project will provide hardware and software solutions to accommodate security intelligence for the SMEs (through FORTIKA’s marketplace).

To this end, the project ambitiously aims to make systematic and extensive use of the existing service and product portfolio of security solution providers across Europe, and offer these solutions via FORTIKA Marketplace.

From their perspective, users (i.e. SMEs) may utilize a variety of services and share profiling information with the service providers in return for tailored security services aligned with their actual needs. The FORTIKA marketplace will also function as a single point of access for the profiling information for each SME. FORTIKA Cyber-security framework will be evaluated through five major types of SMEs and will be supported from 2 local SME/ICT clusters and 1 EU alliance.

FORTIKA’s consoritum comprises of 16 partners: CERTH (Greece), Fraunhofer (Germany), TEIC (Greece), FINT (UK), ENEO (Spain), NEXTEL (Spain), UOM (Greece), TEC (UK), VUB (Belgium), XLAB (Slovenia), HOPU (Spain), MOTIVIAN (Bulgaria), ALKE (Italy), NEME (Bulgaria), Obrela (UK), WATT (Ireland)

The project will last 3 years, until June 2020.