Shaping the future for the next generation

Social, environmental or education wise

Our potential is used for long-term maintenance of well being and our innovations strive to meet global challenges of our time - social, environmental or education wise. We try to understand the needs of our society in which we perform our services and engage in issues pertaining to the impact of technology on everyday life.

Making it a little greener

We promote the environment in which we perform our services by targeted investments in the areas of science, technology, society and environment, participation in national projects (eg. culture related, Mosaica, DEDI) and memberships (EENA European Emergency Number Association).

Environmentally friendly products

Reduce emissions, stay online

ISL Online, our software for remote support, remote access and online meetings, enables companies to significantly decrease the number of business trips to their client's sites and thereby reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Saving time and ... lives

Our 3D visualization platform - Gaea+ and The Emergency Rescue App is the first thing call centers, administrations and other organizations seize for to synchronise complex operations or improve ground- base communication. The Gaea+ platform provides real-time data integration and includes environmental information: floodplains, pollution, noise level, traffic data etc.

Use less to do more

Our cloud solutions and energy-efficient data centers minimize the impact of applications on the environment as you run more on less hardware.

Gaea+ was used for 3D visualization during the Let's clean Slovenia in one day event ('Ocistimo Slovenijo'), organized by the Ecologists without borders organization.

The Smetris game was developed to promote environmental awareness on the importance of waste separation.

Giving back to the society

We all equally participate in the workplace and the community

We try to be a family-friendly company, uphold fair employee relations and allow for diversity, be it cultural, linguistic, ... No matter what their background, personal characteristics or whether you have a master's, a young researcher status or other, all are treated fairly, equally participating in the workplace and the community.

Culture related sponsorships

The Museum of Modern History, The GOTO exhibition, 1982 - The development of computers in Slovene society and culture

Bronze Sponsorship of Promideja d.o.o., Major cities of Europe 2013 Annual Conference

Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia

The Society for the preservation of cultural heritage Skarucna

The Scout Association of Slovenia

Sport related sponsorships

Slovenian Masters Ski Association Domzale

Jost Zakrajsek, Slovenian kayaker/canoeist

Athletic association MASS

Yacht Club, Slovenia

Tour de Slovenie 2013 visualization with Gaea+

Humanitarian activities

Slovenian Society for therapy using dogs Tacke Pomagacke

A donation to the initiative 'SITI BESED'

Educational activities

The Jozef Stefan Institute, Secondary ACM contest

DMA Modra ptica, a club for making and flying plane, helicopter and other RC machines

Youth Chess Championship Sahohlacnik

OTS Conference organised by The Institute of Informatics FERI, Maribor Computer Science Students Association